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Why isn't my ad working?

Running an online ad campaign can sometimes feel like shooting in the dark. You've set up your ad, chosen your audience, and waited for the magic to happen - only to find that the results are far from what you expected. No sales, leads, or bookings. What went wrong? The key lies in looking 'down the line' - a systematic approach to diagnosing and fixing the issues with your ad campaign.

You've launched your ad campaign, but the anticipated influx of customers hasn't materialised. This scenario is common, yet often perplexing. The solution? A methodical approach that examines each stage of the ad process - from visibility to conversion.

The way it works is to examine each of the elements from the audience > ad > conversion. At a glance, you can quickly understand at which point your ad is failing so you can take action.

How to Use ‘Down the Line’

1. Is Your Ad Reaching Your Audience?

  • Checking Impressions and Reach: First, assess if your ad is even getting in front of eyes. Look at your ad's impressions and reach metrics in the Meta Ads Manager.

  • Understanding Average CPM: Compare your Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) with industry averages. If your CPM is significantly higher or lower, it might indicate targeting or bidding issues.

2. Are People Responding to the Ad?

  • Engagement and Clicks Analysis: Low engagement or clicks can be a red flag. It might mean your ad creative or copy isn't resonating with your audience.

  • Split Testing: Experiment with different ad creatives and copy to see what works best. This process can help identify the most effective elements of your ad.

3. Are They Converting After Responding to Your Ad?

  • Conversion Tracking: Monitor the actions taken after clicking your ad. Are users filling out lead forms or landing on your page without taking further action?

  • Value Proposition Analysis: If conversions are low, reassess your value proposition or offer. It might not be compelling enough to convert interest into action.

Example Scenario

Imagine a small business, 'Bella Boutique', is running an ad campaign for their new line of skincare products. Despite a well-designed ad, they're not seeing the expected sales.

  • Step 1: They check their ad's reach and find it's lower than expected. Adjusting their targeting parameters, they manage to increase their ad's visibility.

  • Step 2: Next, they notice the click-through rate is still low. By split testing different ad creatives, they find a more appealing image and tweak the copy, which increases engagement.

  • Step 3: Finally, they realise their landing page isn't converting. By refining their offer and making the value proposition clearer, they start seeing a significant increase in sales.

Diagnosing and fixing a non-performing ad requires a structured approach. By examining each stage of your ad's journey 'down the line', from visibility to conversion, you can identify and rectify issues effectively. Remember, the key to successful digital advertising is continuous testing, learning, and adapting.


Leedr, with its unique approach to digital advertising, offers a comprehensive solution for businesses like Bella Boutique. By understanding the nuances of ad campaigns and providing tailored strategies, Leedr ensures that your digital ads don't just reach your audience but also resonate and convert. With Leedr, you get the expertise of an agency combined with the flexibility and affordability of a DIY platform, making it an ideal choice for SMEs across Australia.


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