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partner with leedr.

We love partnerships! If it’s a good fit, we can promote your business to our audience and vice versa. The outcome of this can be increased exposure for your business, or a focus on a specific outcome like newsletter signups, downloads, sales or bookings for you.


Leedr offers simple partnerships for businesses that operate in fields that could be interesting to our customers. We do offer complex and strategic partnerships (email us!), and affiliate arrangements (scroll down to see this). 


We communicate with business owners who use us to up skill their digital marketing knowledge. We send weekly eDM's, post a weekly blog. If there's an opportunity to promote your businesses it begins with these channels. 


The target audience for Leedr is likely to be businesses of all sizes that are looking for an affordable and user-friendly solution for their digital advertising needs. This could include small businesses, startups, and medium-sized enterprises that are looking to reach their target audience through digital advertising channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube.


The target audience is likely to be decision-makers responsible for marketing and advertising, including marketing managers, business owners, and entrepreneurs. They may be looking for a solution that saves them time and money compared to traditional agency services, or may be seeking a more streamlined and centralised solution for their digital advertising needs.


In terms of demographics, the target audience may be aged 25-50, with a high level of education and a strong interest in technology and digital marketing. They may be located in urban areas and have a strong presence on social media and other digital platforms.


let's chat partnerships

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You can earn money through affilliate marketing with leedr. 

Sign up and register your free affiliate account. Once you've registered you'll get a unique link you can use to generate affiliate revenue. You'll continue to generate affiliate revenue for the life of accounts that you signed up.  

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