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Understanding the Instagram Algorithm

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Instagram for business can be hard to master. You need to post the right content, hope it hits the feed of your customers and not get drowned out by competitors content. That's why it's crucial to understand the Instagram algorithm and get it working for you.

We've taken a module from our free short course called "Master Instagram for your business" that gives you the insight into how to make the algorithm work for your business. You can access the free short course here.

Understanding how the Instagram algorithm affects your content will help you maximise your visibility and reach more people. Instagram shows content that has higher engagement to more people. So, if you want more engagement, you need to understand how instagram prioritises content that it serves up to you.

The algorithm prioritises content based on these three factors:

  • interest and relevancy

  • timeliness

  • relationships

Interest and Relevancy

Instagram prioritises content that will be more interesting and relevant to you. The new timeline format focuses on the content topics you tend to view and how you’re connected to the profiles you follow.

Instagram will prioritise posts it believes to be of more interest or has the greatest relevance to other posts your customers have engaged with.

90% of a user’s Instagram feed are compromised of posts from friends and family. But the idea of a friend is a loose one. If a user likes a couple of posts from the same person, then they will soon see a lot of posts from that person in their feed.

So if your content is interesting and relevant to your customers, you're more likely to show up in the feed of other customers that are similar.


Instagram is no longer chronological, but it still considers timeliness important and will reorder only the new posts between a user’s current visit and their last visit.

So if you post content since the last time a customer has used Instagram and Instagram has determined that you have relevancy to that customer, they’ll be more likely to see your content.


Similar to the relevancy factor, the algorithm takes into account things that can relate your brand to your customers.

Relationships and relevancy matter. Instagram will prioritise showing your customers the instagram accounts that they always interact with or have a direct relationship with.

These can include: are they viewing ads in the same category as your brand, are they searching for products or services relating to your business or category, and are they showing interest in similar products or services (through likes, shares and interactions with content and ads).

When your customers are relating to a business category that relates to your business, your content and ads are more likely to be displayed to them.

Ok, so how do you make the algorithm work for you?

How do you make the algorithm work for you? posting consistently. You need to show up. You need to be committed, stay top of mind, post often and interact with any engagement you create.

  • Post frequently.

  • Ask questions in posts to boost engagement.

  • Reply to comments quickly.

  • Use trending hashtags.

  • Post high-quality images and video.

  • Use live video, and pre-promote that live video.

  • Post when your users are most active.

If you found this helpful, you can access the free short course to master Instagram for your business 👉 Instagram Short Course


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