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Introducing Apple's Tap to Pay: How to ditch the dedicated Eftpos machine

Business operations in today's world require a level of flexibility and cost-efficiency that traditional EFTPOS machines can't always offer. The need for a dedicated payment terminal might restrict the agility of your business, not to mention the extra costs involved. However, Apple's pioneering "Tap to Pay" feature is here to redefine how businesses handle transactions.

Unfolding Apple's Tap to Pay: A Closer Look at the Solution

Apple's Tap to Pay on iPhone is a path-breaking innovation that transforms your iPhone into a portable, versatile payment terminal. This ground-breaking feature outperforms conventional EFTPOS machines by minimising hardware costs, increasing mobility, and enabling businesses to conduct transactions effortlessly, anywhere, and anytime.

For dynamic businesses, such as pop-up shops, food trucks, and freelancers, Tap to Pay ensures seamless payment acceptance with a device they already own and use daily. This feature directly competes with platforms like Square, providing an integrated, secure, and user-friendly solution without the need for additional hardware.

Moreover, Apple's Tap to Pay supports a variety of payment types including credit and debit cards, and digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay. This expanded compatibility ensures customers can pay using their preferred method, phone, or operating system (apple or android), improving their experience and increasing customer satisfaction.

Activating Tap to Pay on iPhone: A Step-by-Step Guide for Businesses

Enabling Tap to Pay for your business is straightforward and quick. Here's how you can get started:

  • Check Your Eligibility: Make sure both your device and business are eligible. Your iPhone needs to be a model XS or newer and run on iOS 15.4 or later. Also, your business should be located in a supported country (like Australia), and you must be a verified business owner.

  • Business Enrollment: Register your business with an authorised payment provider. For Australian businesses, Tyro is a trusted partner working with Apple to provide this service.

  • Download and Setup the Application: Next, download your payment provider's app from the App Store and follow the instructions to set up Tap to Pay.

  • Start Accepting Payments: Once the setup is complete, you can begin accepting payments. Simply bring the customer's device or card close to the top of your iPhone to accept payment.

  • Transaction Review: All your transactions can be reviewed within the payment provider's app, offering an effortless way to track and manage your business's income.

With Tap to Pay on iPhone, Apple is revolutionising the business payment landscape. This solution provides an accessible, secure, and low-cost alternative to traditional EFTPOS machines, bringing unprecedented flexibility and convenience to businesses of all sizes. Now is the time to step into the future of payments with Apple's Tap to Pay.

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