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Are you getting spam messages pretending to be from Meta / Facebook / Instagram?

"Due to policy violations, your page has been scheduled for deletion"


If you are an admin on a Facebook page, you've probably received a message telling you that your page has policy violations and will be deleted!

Business owners are increasingly becoming targets of sophisticated scams, one of which is the Meta Business Support Scam. This deceptive scheme involves fraudsters posing as representatives from Meta's Business Support, contacting businesses with fake alerts or offers of assistance, often leading to financial losses or data breaches.


The scam exploits the trust businesses place in platforms like Facebook and Instagram for their digital marketing needs. Understanding how this scam operates is crucial for safeguarding your business's interests and maintaining the integrity of your online presence.


It typically starts with unsolicited contact through messenger claiming that your account has been flagged for deletion or had policy violations, with the ultimate goal of extracting sensitive information or money.


When encountering potential Meta Business Support scams, the first course of action is to ignore it.

They're safe to ignore because they don't have any power. They're relying on you clicking on a link or submitting sensitive information.

The next is to verify the authenticity of the communication. Meta has provided guidelines and resources to help users identify and avoid such scams. It's important not to click on any links or provide any personal information in the message you receive.


Businesses should report suspicious activities directly to Meta through the official channels provided on their platform. Educating your team about these scams can also prevent accidental disclosures of sensitive information.


So, while the digital space offers immense opportunities for growth, it also requires vigilance against the increasing sophistication of online scams.

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