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  • What’s a “Dynamic Ad”?
    Leedr. uses the information you provide in the brief form to create dynamic ads. This means that we can create multiple ad variations from the text, videos and images you provide. These ads are then displayed to your target market across all of the platforms you choose. For this reason, you can upload images and text in the briefing form that can be used in combination. The most effective combinations are shown more often resulting in the optimal outcomes for your campaigns as the less effective headlines, text, video and images combinations are shown less. The ads that are assembled automatically adjust their size, appearance and format to fit just about any available ad space. For example, a responsive display ad might show as a native banner ad on one site and a dynamic text ad on another, or as an ad on social media. You have the option to add videos to your ads to help maximise your reach. Your videos will be shown instead of images whenever it’s determined that videos could drive better performance for you.
  • I've never built and ad, will you help me?
    Absolutely! ✅ Once you fill in the ad form we'll build the ads for you and set them live. Easy peasy ppc!
  • Can you write the ads for me?
    Yes! ✍️ When you fill out the form we can write your ads for you. Or you can provide your ad copy to our copywriting experts to re-write / refresh to be more effective.
  • I don't have a photo library
    No problem. 📸 We can create beautiful custom ad images and graphics for your ads.
  • Do I need to give you my passwords?
    No way! 🙅 You can give us access to publish your ads through your Facebook page or instagram account without handing over any passwords.
  • How do I create a campaign?
    Creating a campaign is easy. Simply go to briefing form to begin filling in your ad details. The form is broken down to 4 parts: 1. campaign details: name, start/end date, who you’re targeting 2. text and headlines (or ask us to create text for you) 3. upload images and video (or ask us to create images for you)
  • How many ad campaigns can I have live at once?
    You can brief a new ad campaign once your first campaign goes live. You can have as many ad campaigns live as you want. ​ Campaigns must be for the business assigned to your account (i.e. you can't create ads for other businesses or other clients).
  • I’m seeing my display ads on apps and other sites?
    Display ads are online ads that appear across web and social media sites. These appear on apps, sites and third-party platforms in order to reach more people in more places.
  • Can I edit my ads through the ad builder once they’re live?
    Yes. Email your project manager (or, subject "campaign change) with the changes you want to make to the campaign, e.g. text, images, targeting, budget, messaging or end date.
  • What if my payment fails?
    If your primary payment method fails, we’ll attempt to collect through any other active payment method on file in your billing account. If we can’t process payment through any of your payment methods, you’ll be notified and your account will be suspended. In the event that your account is suspended, we’ll continue to try your payment methods on file every few days. If we are not able to successfully collect the owed amount, your campaigns will remain suspended and you will have to reach out to our support team. You can also upload a new payment method. Once we’re able to collect a past-due invoice on your suspended account, the suspension will be lifted and campaigns will resume.
  • Is there a minimum media spend?
    No. You can discuss you media spend with your account manager who will let you know what your cost per action is and recommend any increases you want in line with your business goals.
  • Which currencies are available for my billing account?
    Your account is billed as a default in AU Dollars (AUD$).
  • Do I have to also pay for media on top of the leedr subscription?
    Yes. 💰 Your media is paid directly through your ads account (Meta, Google). You can add more media if you want to boost the performance.
  • How do I know if it's working?
    Easy! 📈 Once your ad is live, we'll send you reports on a weekly basis so you can track its performance.

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